Cyclone Season is upon us

That's not a cyclone.....this is a cyclone.

Although the effects of Cyclones Debbie, Yasi, Marcia and Larry are generally well known, these are dwarfed by Cyclone Mahina.


AirBnB - What are your rights?

AirBnB - Do you have rights to share your home?

Airbnb has become a central player in the sharing economy in the last decade.


House Deposits - Is AirBnB the answer?

House deposits - is Airbnb the answer?    New company offering down payments with a catch.

It’s getting harder and harder for many to enter the housing market, but a new start-up in America is making it a little easier for those wanting to purchase a home…but it comes with a catch.


Christmas Safety

Tis the season to avoid online scammers.

In a bid to avoid Christmas crowds, online shopping during the festive season is very appealing. And while the ease and convenience of shopping from the comfort of home is a positive, it’s still important to be aware of simple security measures to ensure it’s not the season to be scammed.


Don't let the Silly season get the better of you.

Tips for keeping your home safe over Christmas.


Travel Insurance and Credit Cards

Travel Insurance and Credit Cards - what you need to know - Before you fly check your insurance.


Be sure. Before you insure!
Ask your Council of Queensland Insurance Broker about…

Brokerwise Edition 4, 2017